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Albert Campi   (Barcelona – Spain)

I love advise SMEs my passion: business strategy. I developed the concept of Spiral Consulting (see website) to help small businesses to boost their business and improve profitability. I use Visual Strategic Coaching method to innovate the business models in a practical, collaborative and efficient way.

The theoretical knowledge about strategy come from the MBA (EADA), the PADE (IESE) and continuing education. With professional backgrounds as a teacher and psychologist, my experience in implementing business strategy stems from over 35 years as CEO in multinational industrial companies and SMEs. In the last 10 years I have acquired a stimulating experience as an entrepreneur of my own businesses.

NOTE: Although I’m currently still alone, I aspire to form a team of consultants to offer a more specialized service in Strategic Visual Coaching.

Albert Campi

Linkedin http://es.linkedin.com/in/albertcampi/en

Blog   http://albertcampi.blogspot.com.es/

Twitter https://twitter.com/albertcampi


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